How to Choose the Correct Bathing Suit

No matter your body shape, it is possible for every woman to find a perfect bathing suit. It allows you to look fantastic wherever you are. Now, before heading to the store or ordering a swimsuit online, it is crucial that you know what you are looking for. This calls for some research. It will save you the frustration of buying the wrong swimwear. The internet has made access to information super easy. Browse through images and text links to get more insight about types of bathing suits that fit your shape.  

Identifying plus size bathing suits is easy. All you need to do is buy an item that reveals your good side and makes it look spectacular. Below is a guide to purchasing the correct swimwear for every body type.  

Large Bust  

Women with endowed busts appear great when they wear the right plus size bathing suits. Wear a suit that covers your bust well so that it gives you the confidence to walk with your head high. Also, buy swimwear with enough support for your breasts so they do not sag and prevent hurting your shoulders and back.  

Watch the width of the swimsuit. One with underwire boning would be great for you. String bikinis do not offer your chest area the reinforcement it needs to prevent you from slouching. However, it does not mean you cannot wear them. Just make sure you buy a string bikini that is highly adjustable for a good fit.  

Small Bust 

If you have a small bust, there is a wide range of plus size bathing suits designed for you. You can wear as many bikinis as you like whether with straps or strapless. Go for swimsuits with patterns, those contoured and lifts as long as you are satisfied with how you look. Lifts enhance the appearance of your bust.  

To boost the appearance of the small bust, bathing suits with padding add volume to the chest for an alluring look. Ruffles also look amazing on small busts.  

If you have never worn a tankini, you are missing a wonderful swimwear fashion. It is because it covers your upper body and extends to the waist. Therefore, if you are not the kind of person that likes to expose much of your skin, a tankini would offer you adequate coverage. Besides, the fact that you have a small bust attracts many tankini types your way. You can try out as many designs, styles, and colors as you like.  

Straight Shape 

A straight body shape has several plus size bathing suits to flatter it. For example, an off shoulder one-piece is magnificent. It exposes your beautiful shoulders and a little of your back. Consider wearing a two-piece with bra straps and ruffles as well. You will love it. A monokini with cutouts is also a worthwhile purchase for women with straight figures.  

The other options are busy print, horizontal strips, and slit bottoms.  The strips make your physique appear fuller, busy prints divert attention from your shape while slit bottoms simply look great and are easy to walk in. 

Full Thighs and Hips  

There is nothing to be ashamed of for having full hips and thighs. They are beautiful body parts if you dress them in the correct plus size bathing suits. There is a lot you can wear to make your lower body look attractive. This means you need to concentrate on making your upper body surpass the lower one.  

For instance, wear tops with patterns and those with colorful features. Think of putting on a fit and flare top to take care of the tummy area. Use color contrast to your advantage that is bright shades for tops and dark shades for bottoms. A long beautiful dress would also suit someone with large thighs and hips.  

Every woman deserves to wear a sexy, flattering swimsuit. That is only possible if you select a suit that goes well with your body shape. It doesn’t matter whether you have a full upper body, a heavy lower body or a straight figure. There is swimwear to suit everyone. Now that you have an idea of what to buy depending on your shape, you stand a better chance of purchasing a bathing suit that will not disappoint but make you look your best. Keep in mind color, print, and patterns during shopping.

Why Good Meal Replacement Shakes Should be Low in Calories

Meal replacement shakes have been proven to jumpstart your diet effectively. Thanks to their low calories, these healthy meal replacement shakes have made it easy for many to reduce the calories they consume on a daily basis. Since you need to consume fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight your diet is the first thing that you need to consider if you want to shed some extra pounds or maintain your weight. Below we discuss why good meal replacement drinks should be low in calories. We will also look at how these shakes work and the exact number of calories that should be in good meal replacement shakes for women. To learn more about healthy meal replacement shakes. 

Why Lower Calories are Ideal 

A low-calorie diet ensures that you consume fewer calories than your body needs. This pushes the body to break down fats deposited in the body to meet the body’s energy requirements. Over time, this translates to weight loss. 

Consuming fewer calories also means that no calories are stored in the body. Your body uses up all the calories you consume and use up the stored energy to meet the deficit in your diet. You, therefore, do not add weight when you reduce your calorie intake. 

While many people think that exercising more will produce the desired results as far as weight loss is concerned, the truth is that exercise alone is not effective. Though you need to exercise to tone your body and burn more calories during the day, a low-calorie diet will go a long way in ensuring that you get the results that you desire. It is, therefore, important that you only choose meal replacement drinks that are low in calories. 

How Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes Work 

These shakes are designed to replace a high-calorie meal. The meal replacement come with considerably fewer calories. By replacing one or two meals every day with these meal replacement shakes, you reduce the calories you take in a day by a big margin. 

Though the meal replacement is low in calories, they are designed to be filling. Good shakes come with some solid protein that will provide adequate energy to keep your body going for a few hours. The meal replacement shakes for women also come with fiber that slows down digestion and ensures that the gut stays in perfect conditions. Other key ingredients in a good shake include probiotics, hunger blockers, and appetite suppressants. 

For these shakes to work, they must be used in the right way. For one, you should not take more than two shakes per day. You also need to change your lifestyle and ensure that the other foods that you take throughout the day are low in calories. Choose natural and wholesome foods as opposed to processed foods. You can incorporate super foods that are sure to deliver some decent amount of nutrients. This way, you nourish your body and ensure optimal health as you lose weight. Lastly, you need to consume 5-6 small meals in a day as opposed to two or three large meals.

The Right Number of Calories in Meal Replacement Shakes 

Good meal replacement drinks should contain 200-250 calories in every serving. Most, if not all , of these calories should come from protein and carbohydrates. Good meal replacement shakes should be low in fat and it should also come without sugar among other foods that only deliver empty calories. 

If you choose to go with a ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes for women, it is recommended to choose one that contains about 200 calories per serving. These deliver adequate energy to keep the body running optimally. Reducing the calories further would mean that your body does not perform optimally and you burn fewer calories even with some considerable effort. 

If you choose to go with a shake powder, choose one that contains about 100 calories. When you add your beverage, the calorie content will surely go up. Choosing a low-calorie shake also makes it easy for you to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your shake. 

You have to be careful and only use low-calorie beverages such as low-fat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. You can also choose plain water. The fruits and vegetables you choose should also be low in calories. Fruits such as apples and strawberries and vegetables such as kale are best. Aside from being low in calories, these foods come with numerous nutrients that are highly beneficial to the body.

Establishing the Truth About TruVision

The process of trying to find an excellent health supplement is not easy. Despite all the information that can be found online, the process remains to be daunting. It requires that one should keenly go through almost all the health supplement reviews that are available. This could take a while but might not lead to conclusive finding as some reviews might even be biased.

For this article, the focus will be placed on TruVision health. Our understanding of the company will be guided by a closer look into what the health supplement company is about and the products that they provide to consumers. Further, this piece aims at tracing the connection between the supplement’s ingredients and, if any, their scientific benefits.

An overview of TruVision Company

The TruVision health company was established in 2014. Since then, they have been dedicated to providing people with health supplements that offer various benefits. However, their primary focus has been on supplements that aid in weight loss. Given that they understood the challenges that people face when they try to lose weight, TruVision health made it their priority to come up with a solution.

They then developed supplements such as TruHealth, TruNecessity, and TruEssentials. By looking at the ease that these supplements have concerning how they are taken, TruVision has done a remarkable job. This is because the TruVision health supplements can be taken at any time and in any manner. This makes for a better option compared to some of the other supplements which have to be taken in a specific form or with certain foods.

Secondly, it is essential to acknowledge that the ingredients that are used to make these supplements are all natural. This is such a significant advantage because the chances of experiencing extreme side effect from natural ingredients are minimal.

Some of the ingredients which are found in TruVision health supplements are;


Caffeine is a crucial stimulant that aids weight loss in a unique way. It works by stimulating the central nervous system thus leading to improved motor coordination. Also, it gives one energy thus helping them to work out for longer periods.


The body requires minerals to remain healthy. It is amazing that these minerals can be found in TruVision health supplements instead of unhealthy food.

Bitter orange

Do you know of a compound known as synephrine? It is found in bitter oranges and has proved to be helpful for those looking to shed weight.

Green tea extract

As one might have observed, most weight loss supplements have this ingredient. Its antioxidant properties due to the presence of polyphenols. These antioxidants are crucial towards weight loss as they work effectively inside your body to promote weight loss. Also, people who suffer from anxiety might benefit from green tea extract as it has an anti-anxiety effect.


Vitamins have many functions in the body such as promoting proper functioning of cells.

Lastly, these supplements also have dendrobium which is essential for digestion.

What are the side effects of TruVision health supplements?

It is always important to be aware of the side effects of any supplement or medication before you start taking them. Like most of the other supplements, those of TruVision health might also expose one to the possibility of some side effects. To begin with, people who have an intolerance towards caffeine might experience an increased agitation or jitters.

However, not all online reviews of the TruVision supplements were negative. Some people had a lot of praise about how this product has changed their life. This is in terms of how it helped with concentration and made them feel healthier than before.

FDA Versus TruVision health

Many people are aware of the directions that were made by the Food and Drug Administration. They advised TruVision to discontinue offering TruWeight and TruEnergy supplements due to the ingredients that were used in making them. The two ingredients which resulted in the controversy were synephrine and 4-amino-2-methyl pentane citrate. These two have not been categorized by the FDA as dietary fixings and should, therefore, not be found in supplements. TruVision followed the directions that they were given and they no longer offer those two supplements.

To conclude, the positive feedback by some of the people who have used the TruVision supplement provides hope that they are genuine. Consequently, if you were hesitant about trying out these supplements, you should actually give them a chance.

The Top 7 Cancer Prevention Strategies That You Need To Know

The calamity that is Cancer has caused great pain and suffering to almost everyone, either directly or indirectly. Cancer is a disease that touches and ruins very many people. according to statistics, nearly 38.4% of people living in the united states are bound to be diagnosed with this unforgiving disease at some point in their lives. However, this calamity is somewhat preventable and you possess more power over your fate than you may think, as far as cancer is concerned. Your lifestyle constitutes a huge part and plays a major role in cancer prevention. 

In a research carried out by the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund) on fish and meat products, it was decided that there was substantial proof that processed meat products elevate the probability of getting Colo rectum cancer. The phrase “processed meat” means the preparation of meats by fermentation, curing, salting, smoking and/or any other methods used to enhance and preserve the meat’s flavor and quality. Some of the commonly known processed meat products include salami, sausages, bacon, ham, and hotdogs. The higher the consumption of processed meats and their products, the higher the risk of contracting cancer. 

There are several reasons and facts behind processed meats causing colorectal cancer if ingested in large quantities. to begin with, processed meats are rich in fats and heme iron, both of which stimulate the production of carcinogens. Fats aid in the production of carcinogens as a result of secondary bile acids synthesis while Heme iron aids the process of carcinogens formation by boosting colorectal tumorigenesis. Another contributory point is the fact that processed meats are prepared at very high temperatures, a condition that doubles their exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines, both of which are linked to colorectal cancer.

Alcohol has Been Associated to A Variety of Cancers 

The consumption of Alcohol has also made the list of substances linked to cancer development. In their findings on the connections between alcohol and cancer, the WCRF reported that there was substantial proof that alcohol raises the risk of liver, pharynx, mouth, esophageal, colorectal, larynx, stomach, and breast cancer. 

The researchers did not fully document the connection between alcohol consumption and the said increased risk for contracting certain cancers, but it is understood that ethanol and acetaldehyde play a role in the overall outcome. The toxic metabolite acetaldehyde found in alcohol interrupts DNA formation and repair, a move that results in the development of carcinogens. on the other hand, ethanol triggers increased production of reactive oxygen varieties, which can damage and corrupt genetic information and hence result in cancer. Fortunately, following the lifestyle tips listed below can go a long way in helping lower your likelihood of getting cancer. These lifestyle tips include:

  1. Avoid Processed Foods

Due to the obvious proof that processed meats and meat products lead to Colo rectum cancer, this is a safe and wise decision. Also, all processed food and products that come with processed constituents like chips should be completely excluded from your diet. In a proposed study on a total of 104, 980 members, it was observed that a 10 percent rise in ultra-processed foods consumption resulted in an over 10 percent rise in overall cancer risk. Avoiding these foods is the wisest decisions you can make as far as cancer prevention concerned.  

  1. Lower Alcohol Intake

Another lifestyle tip to consider is limiting your alcohol intake to, say, holidays or just special occasions in a bid to lower the chance of developing the various types of cancers associated with Alcohol consumption. 

  1. Exercises

Another lifestyle tip that can greatly reduce your chances of developing cancer is by incorporating more exercises into your schedule. Increased physical activities are directly linked to reduced risks of breast, endometrial and colon cancer. At least 140 minutes of low-intensity aerobics and at least 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobics will do the trick. 

  1. Quit Smoking

Over 69 of the 250 toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are said to cause cancer. As such, quitting smoking is another lifestyle tip that greatly lowers the risk of contracting lung cancer. Despite the underlying dangers, 15.5 percent of U.S. adult residents still choose to smoke. 

  1. Go for a Mediterranean Diet

This diet is linked to a lowered risk of getting colorectal, breast, liver, esophageal and gastric cancer. The Mediterranean diet is mainly composed of legumes, vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, fruits, potatoes, small amounts of red meat and fish. This diet plan is quite easy to comply with and greatly reduces the possibility of contracting other chronic illnesses as well. 

  1. Avoid Products that Disrupt the Endocrine system

These products tend to mimic hormones and often have a carcinogenic impact on cancers that depend on hormones. Examples of these cancers type include prostate and breast cancer. Watch out for triclosan, UV filters, perchlorate, BHA, parabens, BHT, phthalates, bisphenol A, and per fluorinated substances in your products. 

  1. Protect Your Skin

The UV rays emitted by the sun are a major cause of skin cancer and should be avoided at all cost. This can be done by avoiding too much exposure to direct sunlight as well as by wearing a layer of sunscreen that has no UV filters. 

Follow these lifestyle tips and implement the necessary changes and you’ll surely enjoy a beautiful cancer free rest of your life.

Food Facts Which Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Food is essential for human growth and development. If you are looking for healthy eating ideas, below are some of the facts which will make you to feel better about healthy eating.  

  1. Honey never expires. 

Raw honey can remain edible in an indefinite period of time as long as the container in which it is stored in is sealed.  

  1. Egg yolks have more nutrients compared to the whites.

One of the least known healthy eating ideas is that an egg yolk contains much more nutrients than the whites. The yolks have high amounts of minerals and vitamins while the whites contain high amounts of protein and that is why they are normally used for dieting. If you are looking for nutrients in eggs, eat the yolks.  

  1. Smelling chocolate can help you to relax.

The smell of chocolate helps to create relaxing waves in the brain. It causes distraction by reducing the attention span and creating a sense of calmness.  

  1. Frozen vegetables are more nutritious compared to non-frozen veggies.

This is among the most notable healthy eating ideas. Have you ever thought that vegetables may lose their nutrition if they are frozen? Well, that isn’t true. Usually, frozen vegetables are stored right after they have been picked, when they are ripe. On the other hand, non-frozen vegetables are normally picked before they ripen and this causes loss of nutrients. Furthermore, the light and heat exposure in grocery stores also help to aid the loss of nutrition. 

  1. Leftovers usually taste better

This is one of the amusing healthy eating ideas. However, it is true that leftovers taste better than fresh foods. A certain chemical reaction usually takes place in leftovers and it creates new molecules that add flavor to the food. 

  1. Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries

Although lemons have high amounts of citric acid, they are also sweet and they contain more sugar compared to strawberries.  

  1. Unlimited refills are illegal in France

With the aim of fighting obesity conditions, France has made free refills of sugary drinks to be illegal which means that if you want more sugar, calories or soda, you will be required to pay for it.  

  1. Cucumbers are made up of 96 percent water. 

Cucumbers just like zucchini, lettuce, and the crisp-head lettuce boasts of high water amounts, 96 percent. 

  1. Stickers on fruits are edible.

One logical thing which most people tend to do is to take off stickers on fruits before eating them. However, stickers which are glued on the fruits are made from edible materials. The glue is also of food grade. 

  1. People who eat spicy foods live longer

A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School regarding healthy eating habits indicated that foods with a lot of spices can help you to live longer. If you eat a spicy dish daily, you will be able to reduce your risk of dying by 14 percent. This is as a result of bioactive components which help the body to maintain healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels.  

  1. Using Microwave to cook helps to preserve nutrients and minerals in food

Using a microwave to steam vegetables has been proved to be beneficial in preserving nutrients and minerals compared to using other cooking options.  

  1. Don’t store tomatoes in the fridge

When it comes to healthy eating ideas especially those that regard flavor, know that storing tomatoes in a fridge makes them to lose their flavor because cold temperatures make it difficult for tomatoes to fully develop the flavor. 

  1. throwing food in the trash is banned in Seattle

If you are found throwing food in trash bins in Seattle, you will get fined. Settle residents compost any food waste. 

  1. Chocolate is a great remedy for constant coughing.

It is sometimes even more effective than some of the cough medicines. 

  1. There are around 10,000 types of apples worldwide

Apple comes in thousands of varieties. They vary in flavor, color, size, and shape. Some of them may be crunchier, larger or sweeter than others. 

  1. Sea salt has the same nutrition as regular salt

There is a huge misconception about the nutrition level of regular and sea salts. However, when measured by weight, both salts contain the same amounts of sodium hence they are nutritionally the same. 

There are numerous healthy eating ideas and these are just a few of them. All you have to do is have a healthy meal plan which you can use to prepare nutritious meals.

Why Fitness Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine?

Workouts come with a wide range of advantages to your well-being and general fitness such as boosting your productivity, revving your energy, ratcheting up your smarts, and converting you into an unrelenting success machine. Even a 20-minute cardio session is perfect to pump extra blood to vital parts of your brain, distributing the nutrients and oxygen necessary for it to perform optimally.

Also, a cardio session boosts the level of chemicals in the brain which improves essential functions including decision making, memory, and problem-solving. Besides, recent studies reveal that physical activities may result in permanent structural changes to your brain.

Your Brain on your cardio 

Perhaps you know a few things from your fitness tips research, and that you have an idea of what takes place in your body when you sweat. But at the same time, here’s what goes on in your head: The extra blood distributes more glucose and oxygen to your brain cells, and hence make your brain to perform better. 

Every muscle movements send hormones to the brain where they combine with a chemical component referred to as the brain-derived neurotrophic factor. The chemical component is also called BDNF and is responsible for mood regulation, learning, and growth. Another essential role of a workout is to trigger the release of various vital hormones such as serotonin, dopamine; the famed mood booster which affects attention and learning; as well ass norepinephrine that influences perception, arousal, motivation, and attention. This chemical cocktail induced by exercise has a powerful effect on your body. 

When often done, all that rushing of hormones and blood enhances significant brain growth. In a particular study, scientists scanned the brains of individuals that exercised an hour a day, three days per week, for six months. Their findings revealed a significant increase in the part of the brain, which controls learning and memory called the hippocampus. Exercise bulked up the researcher’s brains, enabling them to perform better at tasks which required recalling and concentration.

The Mental Advantage 

Recent research by the International Journal of Workplace Health revealed that individuals that exercise during working days were more productive as compared to those that never exercise at all.  

A pulse-pounding exercise resembles a cup of coffee (without the Jitters): Your heartbeat increases, blood circulation gets boosted, your energy levels increases, and your memory becomes sharper and clearer. Additionally, a study by the Brain and Cognition noted that after about 30 minutes of a simple bike ride, subjects did a cognitive test faster and accurately than they had done before the exercise. And the impact lasted for roughly 50 minutes after the ride.

Improve your Memory  

If you have a weakness at recalling names and you can’t figure out the perfect fitness tips that work best for you, it’s time to put aside the sudoku and focus on some physical exercise. In research published in the Motor and Perception Skills, women recorded better performance on memory tests after they had run on a treadmill as compared to how they performed before the exercise. They also performed better at problem-solving.  

The intensity and frequency of your workout make a difference as well. Another research published in the Neurobiology of learning and Memory revealed that the subjects memorized vocabulary words faster after an intense workout than after less intensive exercise. Those who performed high-intensity workouts had a significant spike in brain levels of dopamine, BDNF, and epinephrine afterword. Therefore, your brain matter benefits more when you challenge your body more.

Sweat more, stress less 

Your mental state is the key reason why you feel better after you take a kickboxing class. As per a study by the American College of Sports Medicine, a workout can enhance your looks. After 20 minutes riding a stationary bike at moderate intensity, some individuals reported a positive change in mood immediately. Although the study did not measure endorphins, it’s evident from fitness tips that your body can release euphoria-inducing chemicals during workouts.

However, it’s a bit challenging to explain how the mood lift lasted for roughly 12 hours. Researchers may have a hint though. Preliminary studies found that after the brains of rats were analyzed after being subjected to a particular stressful condition, the ones that had been allowed to run before the procedure was conducted indicated less reaction to the stress than others. The exercise created new brain cells that enabled them to resist the stress. That means that exercise is a form of “positive” stress, which rewired their brains effectively and helped them to deal with the induced stress. Scientists claim that the same is true of humans as well.

An Essential Element to Consider in Between The “Surrogate Endpoint “or The “Overall survival” for Approving the New Medicines for Cancer

According to the research published in the JAMA Internal medicine on 19th October 2015, clearly, support the statement that the US drugs controller or the FDA might be approving the number of expensive and harmful cancer drugs that may fail to live up to the expectations and also don’t enhance the overall survival rates. It has been concluded through the study that the cancer drugs approved by the FDA are based on the point of surrogate endpoint and also less based on the component of overall survival.  

Hence the surrogate endpoint implies a marker or a sign which can be utilized as a part of the place of another to tell if a particular treatment works or not. Since due to the use of surrogate endpoints in the clinical trials, it allows the prior endorsement of new medications to treat serious or hazardous ailments as cancer whereas the surrogate endpoints are not the evident markers or the indications of concluding that how well a treatment functions.  

The overall survival implies the period of time from either the date of analysis or the beginning of treatment for an illness, like cancer, that patients determined to have the ailment are as yet alive. Whereas in the clinical trials, calculating the Overall survival rate is the indication to check on how the new approach of treatment works towards the ailment which is commonly known as OS.  

So the whole analysis has been conducted by the specialists from the US National Cancer Institute and the Knight Cancer Center at Oregon Health and Sciences University, who has dissected that the overall survival information for cancer drugs endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from January 2008 to December 2012 were the approvals which have been made upon the clinical trials reporting the surrogate endpoint, such as a response rate or progression-free survival (PFS).

Hence, the concluded analysis was also incited through the criticism of the US government accountability office in the year 2009 and which reported that the FDA had neglected to authorize post-advertising contemplates for the surrogate approvals.  

The researchers, Dr. Prasad and Dr. Chul Kim from the National Cancer Institute had performed a literature review to discover that the out of 54 approved cancer drugs which were also provided with a marketing authorization in the lap of 5 years research, that only 36 cancer drugs endorsed based on a surrogate endpoint from January 2008 till December 2012.  

Whereas after an average follow up of around 4.4 years on the 36 approved cancer drugs o the basis of surrogate endpoint, it has been found that 5 of those drugs have shown the benefits of Overall survival in the further subsequent studies, where 18 of those drugs have shown no sign of overall survival benefit and the rest 13 drugs have shown the sign of some unknown Overall survival benefits which are not researched till time.  

Therefore almost around 66% of the new cancer disease drugs have been appeared to be approved by the FDA in the view of the surrogate endpoint, and out of them, half of these eventually shows no signs of OS rate and while a greater part of the other half keeps on having obscure OS benefit rate which has been discovered after the subsequent research of many years.  

Hence, it is concluded through the published research or analysis from JAMA internal medicine that the overall survival rate is also the equally essential element which should be considered with the surrogate endpoint as it is the point which clearly shows the sign of improved survival and also improves the quality of life of the cancer patients through the effective cancer drugs.  

Thus, this article was written in context with the published research on “cancer approved drugs on the basis of a surrogate endpoint and subsequent overall survival through continues 5-year analysis of the US Food and drug administration on such approvals” mainly consists or proposing the points as:  

– The severity of the illness should be considered before approving the drugs.  

– The clinical trials should be successfully conducted on the parameters as “how serious, dangerous or life-threatening the cancer is”.  

Hence, it is recommended that the criteria for approving the new medicines should be revised by introducing a new approach.

Window Treatment Ideas for Valances, Drapes, and Roman Shades

Of late, I’ve been getting plenty of requests for a blog post on window treatments. They come in various options you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here’s a quick guide on the most common types and when they’re used. Are there window treatment stores in your neighborhood? Visit one and see if you’ll find something matching your vibe.

At Best Flooring, they advise clients to go for tailor-made drapery – more so if they’re not on a limited budget. I know that they’re a bit pricey but they’re worth every cent. They give each room a customized polish that speaks volumes about you. The team at Best Flooring carries out test designs in a workroom nearby. However, you can find one in your proximity by browsing Angie’s List. Also, ask friends for referrals.


These are mostly non-functional, where a window still needs treatment. On kitchen windows, for example, use those that look like roman shades but non-functioning since they take less fabric since they do not go up and down. Valances are also used to cover windows with shades that have rollers. They are mounted outside like fabric shades and high up so that they fall over the top of the window.


They’re soft, nice and cozy – that’s why we love them. They introduce ambience. Drapes are best suited for large windows with no radiators. To ensure maximum sunlight into the room, we make sure that most of the drape falls on the walls as opposed to on the window. Place rods near the ceiling. Leaving one or two inches below the molding.

Your best bet is to customize your rods to avoid extending the seams. They stay straight, are sturdy and give you an assortment of materials. Bows that need to be extended tend to bow. For a more modern pleat, European or Parisian are neater and less fretful and do not fan out at the top. Use them with rings and drapery hooks. Drapes topped with grommet are perfect for modern spaces and children’s rooms they can also be easily bought from vendors. Ring clips do not give a clean finish. Back tab drapes are preferable to rod pockets as they can look well done without extending outside the rods. This is one skill that window treatment stores have mastered.

Line your bedroom drapes with material that blocks out light. Lining the drapes in white fabric (linen is a good option) ensures that from the outside, everything in the house matches. The layer is also functional as it filters light for privacy and one can watch TV without having to close the drapes. Alternatively, to avoid layering your drapes with fabric, you can use woven wood instead.

Custom drapes when well done last a very long time and can survive décor alterations. Only make sure you get them in a pattern that will not bore you quickly. If custom drapes are too expensive, a tailor can easily customize ones you bought at the store.


Roman shades are also popular. They can be fabric or woven wood. Fabric shades are great for windows with radiators on walls below or next to the window making it hard to install drapes. There are countless options for roman shades, but relaxed styles are a bit more exquisite. Flat bottom is more ideal for spaces with a masculine modern feel.

For raising and lowering, you can use cordless or continuous loop chain. Shades installed above the window let in more light when raised. When layering shades under drapes, fit them inside the frame. This can also be done where the construction does not allow shades to be fitted outside.

For shades, whites and solid colors are best. They can have banding or trimmed edges or sides to add pop. For kid’s rooms, roman shades with patterns are unbeatable while sheers with patterns are best for bathrooms. Woven wood roman shades can be used for layering under drapes or alone. When used alone, they add texture. When alone, they should be mounted outside. Use the waterfall style as the ones with valances look fretful.

Fabric roman shades can be mixed with drapes where the room calls for it. Make sure they are in the same fabric though, so that you have a uniform look.

What’s your excuse for not renovating? There are many window treatment stores visit one in your proximity and make the smart choice today.